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Teaming up with MPC, Africa's leading Medical Education and CPD Compliance Platform

The well-being of our people is of utmost importance to us and therefore encourage our medical and healthcare professionals to stay up to date with the latest developments and trends within the healthcare sector. This will result in high quality patient care and service delivery.

We therefore support the notion of continuous professional development (CPD) for all healthcare professionals and because of this we sponsor the access to an extensive range of online medical journals. Kenya's healthcare professionals will have access to over 130 peer-reviewed and CPD accredited medical journals. These journals are from the foremost medical publishers on the MPC CPD Education and Compliance Platform. MPC is the leading online CPD management and education system in African and our partners on this initiative.

MPC CPD Education platform

The MPC CPD Education platform will provide healthcare professionals with:

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We care about our people and their health, which is why we are empowering our medical and healthcare professionals

About Us

Avacare, founded in 2001, is a healthcare company providing Kenya with various healthcare related products and solutions. From the birth of Avacare, we have grown our staff from 2 to 21 focusing on areas such as marketing, regulatory and distribution of various healthcare products.

We are a company passionate about healthcare and caring for people's health in all walks of life. Apart from our passion for healthcare we have a firm belief in the importance of medical education and the benefits thereof to the healthcare sector in the country. Following on this belief we have partnered with many medical associations within a varierty of events and conferences over the course of the past few years. We remain committed and passionate about supporting medical education.


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